English week(written by students)

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In this week we learn a lot of English like the direction, body parts etc. We went to do many activities in English adventure,climbing, orientation or games. We have to hear carefully to do well the activities. We live like in a house six mates. To do it we have to be ordained don’t have discussion and be the best person with yours mates. For example we have to respect the turn like the bath if you don´t bath in your turn and other person do the same some people can´t bath.

The best thing was than we learn a lot of English and we meet a lot people that in high school we not talk with them

I want to repeat!!!

Friday, March 20th

First, in the morning, we solved some problems. Then, before lunch we played beach games, but it was very windy, so we went to play basketball and other games near the disco. One of these games was to stick a heart made of paper, on your arm, and everybody has to pick other people´s heart. It was very funny.

At the end of the morning, our monitors gave us the certificates and we took photos with them. It was a very beautiful and emotional moment.

Later we had lunch. After lunch we had free time. At 15:20 we leaved the camping. Finally, we arrived to Zaragoza at 20:15.

Thursday, March 19th

Today, Thursday we woke up. Then, in the free time, some of us play ping-pong. After we had breakfast. To finish the morning we do some activities in English, with our monitors(sketches, games, theory etc)

At one o’clock we have lunch. We have paella, white meal, ice-cream and yoghurt. Then, we have free time and classes. We had blind dates and some of us married with an other person. We also play games.

Finally we have dinner and we enjoy in the disco in the last night with the monitor’s show.

Wednesday, March 18th

Today we were going to do water sports but the weather didn’t allow us to do them. Instead, we did some sketches and roles plays and we danced. Then we had lunch. Next, we had some free time. After, we started learning some body parts and feelings. We also played games. The monitors took some photos of all the group. Then we had free time and we had dinner.

Finally, we went to the disco and we danced all the night. We were very tired, so we went to sleep.

Tuesday, March 17th

This morning we have played some games and we have learnt about horse riding. After lunch we have free time, then we went to practise horse riding and orientation.

Finally, we have done some games. After dinner, we have disco like yesterday. Disco is amazing!

Monday, March 16th

We arrived  Santa Susanna at 9:30. The weather wasn’t very nice but the bungalows are very nice.

Then we went to the Adventure Park, where we met our teachers. We have done archery, Rock climbing, rifle shooting, zip and high wires and obstacules too.


El próximo lunes 16 de marzo a las 5:00 am saldremos un grupo de alumnos de 1º ESO con profesores de la puerta de nuestro IES para comenzar la English week .  Estaremos hasta el viernes 20.

Se trata de una estancia en el camping de Bon Repòs (Santa Sussana, Barcelona) centrada en la práctica del inglés con monitores nativos, mediante una intensa convivencia con ellos y la realización de un sinfín de actividades en el medio natural, siempre en ingles.

Se adjunta la planificación prevista de la semana

Programa provisional English week